Speedometer Gps Hd Pro

Speedometer Gps Hd Pro

Speedometer Gps Hd Pro

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[ANDROID] Speedometer GPS HD Pro 3.1.88 Patched .apk - [fUllz]

[ANDROID] Speedometer GPS Pro v3.6.78 .apk - [fuLLz]

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This is Speedometer GPS HD Pro version.

You can try this demo version:

Speedometer GPS HD Pro can display more info on one screen.

Speedometer GPS HD Pro can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapased,avg speed,max speed,altitude...

Features included
- Save your track info.
- Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer.
- Switch between mph or km/h mode.
- Display satellites status.
- Speed chart.
- Map integration,get your location.


What feature needs the Camera permission?
Now you can view your track on your web browser, upload gpx file just by scanning QRcode.
Just visit :www.gpxscan.com .